Black Friday Sale Is On Now! (Deals End Saturday Night)

When we say Natural, we mean it...

Indulge your senses with our pure natural Soy Candles.
Our naturally derived waxes and essential oils in exquisite fragrances will help you find your zen vibes, enhancing the atmosphere and uplifting the senses.


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What's on sale:

Basically the entire shop is yours to choose from... There are only a few items which are NOT eligible for the instant discounts:

1) Bundles -- (these come with builit-in discounts already)
2) Already reduced items

Everything else should be eligible for instant discounts (remember to use correct coupon code on checkout).

Offer Limitations:

These Black Friday deals are a standalone offer, and can't be combined with other discounts / coupon codes/ rewards. (You will still get points for your order though!)

We're sorry but we can not adjust a recently completed order to apply this Black Friday discount -- the deals only apply to orders placed during the sale period.

What is 'Candle Cash' ?

Candle Cash is just a little extra bonus on top of the Black Friday deals, to help you save on your next order, whenever you feel it's time for a candle resupply!

The idea here is since we don't have sales very often and the timing isn't always right for everyone - this is basically your own personal sale.. to use at the best time for you!

Candle Cash will come INSIDE YOUR BLACK FRIDAY CANDLE PACKAGE, on a physical card, with a special code to use at checkout.

You'll get a code to save $20 / $30 / $50 depending on your Black Friday order total (see deals above).

Double reminder -- Candle Cash comes in your order package! This is not an instant discount and can't be applied to your Black Friday order (it's meant to help you save a few bucks next time)... whenever you're ready.


* Candle Cash is not transferrable (it's just for you, so treat yourself!)

** Candle Cash will expire April 30th, 2023

*** Candle Cash can't be combined with other discount codes / rewards points etc.

HAPPY SHOPPING - We 💖 our customers!