A new way to discover scent.

Introducing a Subscription Box for the Scent Obsessed!

Say hello to the new subscription based Discovery Box. A hand curated selection of 4-exclusive scents from our library + matches to light your new flame delivered to your door every month!

You LOVE scent (that's why you're friends with us!) The Discovery Box Subscription was created to help you take your passion for scent to the next level. Discover something new and exciting or uncover a rate gem from our vault that you thought you'd never smell again.

We've streamlined our subscription box service to make it hassle free so you can start lighting with ease!

All-Natural & Plant Based

All of our candles feature lead-free wicks, hand poured soy wax, and packaging that utilizes recyclable materials.

Uniquely Curated Blends

Our famous all-natural scent library is yours to explore with a never before released collection of plant-based scents delivered every month

70+ Hours of Burning Each Month

Enjoy your mini jars anywhere with 20+ hours of burn time in every jar. Re-using jars is endless fun for salad dressings, spices, craft supplies and more! (We dare you to run out of uses for these babies!)

Free shipping

YES! You heard that right - every month you'll get a box of candles delivered to your doorstep with NO shipping charges!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Natura Soy Discovery Box?

How do you pick the scents for each months box?

Each month our head candle makers go through our vast library of natural scents and pick the most exclusive, or never before smelled scents we've got. We match all of these to a fun seasonal theme so you can be sure that the scents you're getting match the mood of the year (say hello exclusive Fall + Christmas blends!)

This box was created for die-hard scent lovers who want something unique and different. We've made sure that these scents will excite even the day-1 Natura Soy fans who have tried it all!

If I Subscribe and I wish to stop can I cancel?

The Discovery Box is paid up-front - meaning that once you've paid for your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription you never have to worry about billing, or shipping charges again!

If your shipping address changes OR you need to cancel for some other reason just get in touch with care@naturasoy.ca and we'll help you out.

What do I do with my jars after I'm done using them?

These adorable little jars are BEGGING to be re-used. We use ours for Salad Dressings, leftovers, craft supplies, gifts for friends (filled with whatever you'd like), hair ties and so much more.

We DARE you to run out of ways to use these jars, but if you do please note that they are fully recyclable or up-cyclable so your local donation center would be happy to take them off your hands!

If I want to add-on to my order with my box am I able to do that?

Info coming soon...

Can I Give a Subscription Box as a Gift?

YES! What better gift to give to a fellow candle-lover? If you're purchasing a 3, 6, or 12 month Subscription as a gift please make sure to update your recipients Shipping information to ensure that the box is shipped to them and not you each month.

Become a Scent Explorer

Discover unreleased, or vintage scents that are exclusive to the subscription program.