Sale- Soy Candle Refills - for Tumbler Jars - Natura Soylights
Sale- Soy Candle Refills - for Tumbler Jars

Choose a scent: Marine Moss Vetiver

Why you'll love it

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Reduce, Reuse

Designed with sustainability in mind, Refill candles are crafted with premium soy wax and infused with delightful fragrances or Unscented if need be. Experience the same high-quality, clean-burning candle without the need for a new container. With our refill kits, you can easily enjoy your favorite scents while reducing waste and embracing eco-consciousness.

Usage Instructions

Simply remove the used wax from your candle container, clean and place one of our soy candle refills inside, and light the wick.


  • 9 oz pure soy wax & essential oils - no dyes, no unnatural additives
  • 50+ hour burn time