Natura Soylights Desert Sage - Diffuser Blends

Desert Sage - Diffuser Blends

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This blend evokes the calm, clarity of a quiet desert night with endless open sky stretched over boundlessly beautiful cracked earth. Sage is the star of the show, bringing herbal fragrance strokes and grounding mental clarity. Wrapped in the woodsy, green embrace of Cedarwood and Eucalyptus and a final kiss of uplifting citrus this Essential Oil blend was made for balance and centering of the soul.

MOOD > Clearing + Grounding + Centering

SCENT > Light + Herbal + Earthy

Eucalyptus : Blue Eucalyptus is steam distilled to release potent, magical oil that lives within the leaves of the plant. The sharp, fresh, camphor smell elicits feelings of concentration and balance. This cooling oil is sure to bring a calm and clearing energy to any space.

Cedarwood : This formidable scent comes from old forests, providing a sense of wisdom and stability to this essential oil. The warm, woody and masculine scent helps set intentions and maintain focus while completing goals.

Lemon : This oil helps you live each day as a vibrant slice of life. Sweet and invigorating, you can’t help but feel uplifted and refreshed by the bright citrusy notes. Lemon aids in concentration, positivity and clarity.

Tangerine : Energize and awaken the senses. Tangerine oil which is also known as “liquid sunshine” is the ultimate good-mood scent. This balancing, uplifting essential oil is sweet, fresh and citrusy and has been known to calm nerves, brighten and energize to your day.

Clary Sage : This oil embodies the meaning of grounding. The olive green leaves of the Sage plant are herbaceous and earthy, often used in traditional ceremonies to awaken the spirit and bring balance to life.