Natura Soylights Kerala Lime Leaf - Diffuser Blends

Kerala Lime Leaf - Diffuser Blends

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The state of Kerala rests on the southern coast of India, with endless luscious green landscapes and swaying palms, we named this blend after the beauty of this place (Google it, we dare you NOT to book a flight). Green eucalyptus leaves bring a cool, earthy energy that grounds and calms, while tingly spearmint leaves you feeling alert and energized. The king of this blend, however, is the tangy Kerala lime that bounces, shimmering citrus notes that uplift and inspire.

MOOD > Invigorating + Refresh + Cooling

SCENT > Citrus + Green + Minty

Eucalyptus : Blue Eucalyptus is steam distilled to release potent, magical oil that lives within the leaves of the plant. The sharp, fresh, camphor smell elicits feelings of concentration and balance. This cooling oil is sure to bring a calm and clearing energy to any space.

Spearmint : Tingly and refreshing, this oil brings joy and happiness to most spaces. Energizing the mind with cooling, minty notes. Spearmint has been known to help relax headaches and strain of the mind.

Lime : Distilled by cold-pressing the green peels of the Lime this oil brings to life the bounciness of the small citrus fruit we all know and love. Evoking feelings of alertness and refresh, this oil is perfect to add a gorgeous invigorating zing to any blend.