Natura Soylights Masala Spice - Diffuser Blends

Masala Spice - Diffuser Blends

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This blend is a rich, evocative journey to a traditional spice market. Intricate warming notes of Sri Lankan cinnamon bark and orange peel are layered with earthy lemongrass. Cooling, sharp notes of rosemary and eucalyptus bring an unexpected freshness that creates a truly immersive scent experience. Welcome guests into your home or curl up on the couch with a book while this essential oil blend works it’s magic in the air.

MOOD > Generous + Cozy + Invigorating

SCENT > Spicy + Warm + Earthy

Cassia : Sri Lankan Cassia is very similar to cinnamon bark. Warm and spicy, with complex earthy notes. This oil is used to warm any space, evoking feelings of  generosity and elevating the emotional state.

Eucalyptus : Blue Eucalyptus is steam distilled to release potent, magical oil that lives within the leaves of the plant. The sharp, fresh, camphor smell elicits feelings of concentration and balance. This cooling oil is sure to bring a calm and clearing energy to any space.

Lavandin : Warm and comforting, Lavender is widely known to stabilize emotions, calm the spirit, and relax the mind and body. While lavender is delicate and floral it is also woody and complex – a known sleep aid.

Lemongrass : West Indian lemongrass is harvested and steam distilled to release a complex citrus-forward oil. Notes of earthy grass add layers to this classic refreshing scent and aid in cooling, refreshing and calming the senses.

Sweet Orange : Sunlight and radiance are embodied by orange essential oil. This citrusy fruit is sweet and tangy with none of the sharp tartness of other citrus fruits. One sniff of this oil will instantly create feelings of joy, creativity and light-heartedness.

Rosemary : Fresh, clean notes of pine forests are balanced by a herbal bouquet that creates this familiar, but complex fragrance. Aromatherapists have used this oil to purify the air, energize the mind and aid in concentration.

Tangerine : Energize and awaken the senses. Tangerine oil which is also known as “liquid sunshine” is the ultimate good-mood scent. This balancing, uplifting essential oil is sweet, fresh and citrusy and has been known to calm nerves, brighten and energize to your day.