Natura Soylights Satsuma Sugar - Diffuser Blends

Satsuma Sugar - Diffuser Blends

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Another absolute fan-favourite, Satsuma Sugar has been a long time staple at Natura Soy. This irresistible, decadent fragrance takes a calming, sensual base of vanilla absolute and layers it with sweet and juicy citrus notes that sparkle against the rich backdrop of vanilla. The result is a fragrance that is uplifting, sensual and joyous.

MOOD > Bright + Uplifting + Joyful

SCENT > Warm + Citrusy + Creamy

Sweet Orange : Sunlight and radiance are embodied by orange essential oil. This citrusy fruit is sweet and tangy with none of the sharp tartness of other citrus fruits. One sniff of this oil will instantly create feelings of joy, creativity and light-heartedness.

Vanilla : While Vanilla is NOT an essential oil it is a precious, natural ingredient. To harvest what is called “Vanilla Absolute” and put into an oil format – the pods are dry-cured for six months and a solvent is applied to extract the precious absolute from the pods. This process is delicate and labour intensive which is why true vanilla is so costly. This precious oil is familiar and warm, providing a sweet, rich aroma that brings sweet dreams, restful sleep and has been known to be a sensuous aphrodisiac.