Natura Soylights Sea Green + Vetiver - Diffuser Blends

Sea Green + Vetiver - Diffuser Blends

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A blend inspired by jade green water lapping at the shore of a drift-wood beach, a place where the sea and the land meet. This scent is watery and light, evoking fluid creativity and peaceful meditative thoughts. Vetiver washes this blend with fresh green notes while lavender and mint bring a peaceful depth to this complex fragrance.

MOOD > Creative + Peaceful + Refreshing

SCENT > Green + Oceanic + Fresh

Sandalwood : Access inner wisdom with the beautiful, luxurious harmony of Sandalwood. A warm and exotic scent that wraps you in warmth, featuring creamy wood notes and delicate floral vanilla. This oil promotes feelings of compassion, inner peace, sensuality and love.

Mint : Associated with vibrancy and vitality. This soothing oil creates a duality between hot and cold bringing a clean, minty, camphoric scent to any space. Stimulates creative flow and refreshes the mind.

Vetiver : Derived from a long, green grass, this oil is earthy and complex with spicy, woody undertones. Known to ground, and center the spirit, Vetiver is the perfect studying or meditation companion and has been used for centuries to help quiet the mind.

Lavender : Warm and comforting, Lavender is widely known to stabilize emotions, calm the spirit, and relax the mind and body. While lavender is delicate and floral it is also woody and complex – a known sleep aid.