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Woodwick Candle Shopping Guide

Woodwick candles are a great product to use when making homemade gifts. 

They're very versatile because they burn well in most types of candle holders. So whether you're looking to give a gift basket full of goodies, or just need some extra light during dinner, Woodwick candles are perfect for the job.

To help you decide which type of Woodwick candle would be right for you, here are some things to consider:

1. Size - Choose a small or large sized candle depending on where you plan to place them. Smaller ones are better suited for smaller spaces, while larger ones work better for bigger areas.

2. Shape - Round candles tend to be more decorative than square ones. Square candles are usually used for practical purposes, such as lighting a room.

3. Color - Some Woodwick candles come in multiple colors, while others only offer white or black options. White candles are often used for decorating, while black candles are typically used for functional purposes.

4. Scent - Most Woodwick candles come in either vanilla or cinnamon scented varieties. 

5. Price - Prices vary widely among Woodwick candles. 

6. Burn Time - Depending on the type of Woodwick candle you purchase, burning times will vary. 

7. Packaging - Woodwick candles come in a variety of packaging styles. 

8. Safety - Always keep safety in mind when buying Woodwick candles. Make sure to carefully inspect each package for damage before opening it. 

9. Storage - Store Woodwick candles away from heat sources and direct sunlight. This helps prevent them from drying out and cracking over time.

10. Cleaning - To clean Woodwick candles, simply wipe off excess wax with a damp cloth. Never submerge them in water, however, as this may cause them to crack.

11. Maintenance - Woodwick candles should be cleaned regularly from wax buildup inside the wick which can lead to clogged pores and poor burns.

12. Shipping -  Shipping costs vary greatly.