Sweet Mint + Lime

MOOD > Invigorating + Refreshing + Cooling
SCENT > Citrus + Green + Minty
Perfect For When You're... wanting to wake up and energize in themorning with some early morning zing! Add natural cooling +refresh to your summer shower on hot summer nights.


Eucalyptus Sage

MOOD > Clearing + Grounding + Centering
SCENT > Light + Herbal + Earthy
Perfect For When You're... Feeling busy? Overwhelmed after along day at work? Have a lot of projects and to-do's on the go? Perhaps you're just feeling a little under the weather. This scent is the perfect way to calm and center your mind.


Patchouli Ylang

MOOD > Uplifting - Calming - Sensual
SCENT > Tropical – Floral – Citrus
Perfect For When You're... starting a creative project, wanting toconnect to yourself or feel inspired.


Chamomile Lavender

MOOD > Calming + Soothing + Stabilizing
SCENT > Sweet + Herbal + Floral
Perfect For When You're... looking to unwind after a long day orindulge in a pre-bedtime relaxation routine.