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A guide to scent layering your candles

multiple candles burning
While it can be tempting to just pick just one scent, layering your scents is a way to create a more complex and nuanced fragrance experience in your home. It involves lighting candles with different scents in the same room or space, so that the scents blend together and create a unique aroma.

Here are a few tips for layering candles:

The easiest way to layer candles is by using the same scent in different sizes. For example, try burning a Aromatherapy votivo candle in your bathroom and a larger one- Tumbler Jar  in your living room. Then, when you walk from one room to another, you’ll get an experience that’s different but still cohesive.

Choose candles with complementary scents.

For example, you could pair a floral candle with a woody or spicy candle, or a fruity candle with a sweet candle.



Don't be afraid to mix and match.

Get creative! You can layer as many candles as you like, try to pair complimentary scents together. There are a lot of different combinations to layer your candles, and the best part is that each combination will create a different scent experience!

Experiment with the order in which you light the candles.
Lighting one candle before the other can affect the way the scents blend together. The reason for this is that the first candle has had more time to warm up the wax thereby allowing the scent to disperse into the air before other candles are lit.

Its all in the detail
Pay attention to the size of the room and the size of the candles. In a larger space, you may need to use more candles to get the desired effect. Our Pillar Jar is our largest candle and provides the most scent boost. Scent is similar to sound in that it can be overpowering or unpleasant if too strong or used for too long. Thankfully, NATURA scents are 100% natural, so you can enjoy a soft, pleasant scent experience.

And as always, remember to blow out the candles when you're finished. It's important to practice fire safety when using candles.