How to scent your home this Summer

How to scent your home this Summer - Natura Soylights
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As the summer sun illuminates our days, infusing your home with delightful scents can enhance the vibrant and refreshing ambiance of the season. And there is no better way to do so than with 100% natural fragrances. Here's our best advice for making your home a summer oasis that invigorates your senses and uplifts your spirits.

Set the Tone:

First up, identify what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create and the type of scents you personally enjoy. Nothing says Summer quite like our signature summer blends and they work wonders for evoking summer vibes. Not only do they help to deliver joyful fragrance throughout your home, but they also bring a wellbeing boost too.

First up, is Lemongrass & Sage Garden Candle which is NEW to us this Summer. For an instant burst of energy and vitality, this blend is the perfect choice. Infused with uplifting citrus notes like tangy lemongrass, zesty ginger, and earthy sage, this invigorating scent revives your space and awakens your spirit.

Next is our most traditional Summer fragrance – Coconut Lime which smells just like a tropical vacation thanks to pure coconut oil, zesty lemongrass and Key Lime. It’s a real crowd pleaser and a favourite for bringing happy, festive vibes.

If you prefer fresher, cleaner scents, then Saltwater Mandarin is for you. Infused with notes of ocean breeze, fresh citrus, and hints of driftwood, this scent brings the invigorating aroma of the coast right into your home. Close your eyes and feel the gentle sea breeze against your skin. It really brings a sense of rejuvenation and peace of mind.

If overly summery scents aren’t for you, we've got you covered with plenty of other all-natural scents that will still make your home a serene oasis this Summer. Our Lavender and Wild Honey is always a winner and is the scent so many of you rely on to de-stress all year round, or Satsuma Sugar is another mood-boosting favourite for some much-needed joy.

Try Layering Your Scents:
Elevate the summer ambiance by layering different Natura Soy products. Our range of Soy Candles, Aroma Melts, Diffuser Blends and Aroma Mists offer a versatile combination for creating a multi-dimensional sensory experience. Mix and match your favorite summer scents to customize the fragrance intensity and create a personalized summer sanctuary.

Scent Spaces Differently:
Discover the unique characteristics of each Natura Soy product and their ability to transform different spaces in your home. Illuminate your living room with the warm glow of a Soy Candle, infusing the air with your favorite summer scent. Place a Reed Diffuser in the hallway to welcome guests with a burst of refreshing fragrance, or mist your bedroom with an Aroma Mist for a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Expert Tips and Tricks:
- Experiment with different scent combinations to find the perfect blend that captures the essence of your ideal summer oasis.
- Place scented Soy Candles strategically around your outdoor patio or garden area to enhance your al fresco gatherings with the enchanting aroma of summer. Enhance the Aroma by placing candle in a tall glass hurricane. Our Garden Collection candles are the perfect addition to any patio. Not just great for scenting and keeping bugs away naturally, but there’s something very comforting about a flame flickering on warm, summer nights. 

- Use Aroma Melts in front entryways areas to ensure a continuous diffusion of fragrance throughout the day.
- Refresh your space with a spritz of Aroma Mist whenever you need a quick burst of summer fragrance. Keep one in the bathroom for guests as well as guestrooms.

Unleash the spirit of summer within your home with Natura Soy's captivating scents. Whether you desire the coastal breeze, the blooming garden, or the energizing citrus burst, our range of Soy Candles, Diffuser Blends, and Aroma Mists offer endless possibilities to create a summer sanctuary that rejuvenates your senses and uplifts your soul. Embrace the essence of summer and let the fragrances of nature infuse your home with warmth and vitality.

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