Nature inspired scents for bug free summer living

Nature inspired scents for bug free summer living - Natura Soylights

Summer nights are finally here and while we're grateful for the long days and endless amounts of sunshine. But there is ONE part of the season that we tend to forget about - until it bites us in the you-know-what.

Summer and insects go together like PB+J but we won't let these buzzing critters get us down! To rid yourself of pests there are obvious solutions, like a well-played can of Raid or electric cages with ominous blue light that bugs fly into and never fly out of (like we said... ominous!). While these solutions "get the job done" they are far from natural and can affect the GOOD kinds of bugs that like to frequent your garden - do you really want to be the person that kills off all the neighborhood honey bees and lady bugs? We didn't think so!

In the business of candle-making we learned through trial and error that there is almost always a natural or eco-friendly solution to any problem you may encounter. We challenge you to put down the can of Raid, and step away from the electrocuting badminton racket... there is a solution that doesn't involve murder! Enjoy this list of natural alternatives we've discovered from our own patio nights.

What Essential Oils Repel Bugs?

Bringing together the powerful qualities of herbs, flowers and plants is our passion.  After all we are a Natural fragrance company. We've been using the power of nature to bring you plant-based luxury fragrance for over a decade so why in the heck wouldn't we apply these same principles to our outdoor space?

Essential Oils and Plants That Repel Bugs:

*Mosquitoes, ticks, ants and flies... meet your match

1. Rosemary

2. Lavender

3. Mint

4. Sage

5. Lemongrass

6. Basil

Hot Tip: You can plant these natural insect repellents in your garden OR if you weren't blessed with a green-thumb try burning a natural candle or diffusing with these essential oils!

Our Garden Collection is full of essential oils that will help you keep the bugs in your yard under-control. This is the first collection we've designed for use indoors AND outdoors. The Garden Lights that are best suited for bug-free patio nights are: Raspberry Tomato Leaf, Cucumber Mint, Lemongrass Sage and Citrus Zest + Fennel.

Why These Essential Oils Repel Insects:

Bugs can't stand the smell of these fragrant plant-based powerhouses. While the aromas of these oils are calming, and pleasing for humans - for bugs they are just as effective as harsh chemical repellents.

Take Lavender for example - This essential oil (and the plant from which it derives) contains a compound known as linalool, which produces a strong odor that is pleasant to humans and disgusting to mosquitos. This is because the aroma overloads their sensitive olfactory systems, similarly to DEET (but without the harmful effects)

What about Citronella Candles?

The most frequent question we get asked in the summer is to create a strong citronella candle that will keep mosquitoes and other pesky insects away from your garden reading, late night BBQ's, and impromptu back yard parties. While we love the natural repelling qualities of the citronella plant, using a citronella candle is not our go-to for repelling bugs!

While citronella candles are often marketed as a natural alternative to harsh chemical insect repellents we recommend checking the ingredient list before purchasing. You will likely find that your candle contains only a small amount of citronella oil or "scent" and the rest of your candle is paraffin, palm oil and other yucky chemicals. Beyond the contents of these candles the scent of these synthetic products can come off as pungent and overpowering and usually end up being just as overwhelming as shooing away tiny blood-suckers all night long.

Long story short here, you can repel bugs without the use of citronella! This is why we opt for the use of essential oils, and plants to help us with the task of bug-proofing our gardens!


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