Smell good everywhere you go!

Introducing All Natural line of Aromatherapy Body Sprays
Smell good everywhere you go! - Natura Soylights

Did you catch wind of our latest creation? We're thrilled to unveil our brand-new line of Body Mists, born out of the countless compliments we've received about how good we smell. Now you can smell as good as we do!

After much dedicated thought about what the best scents could be that you would wear, we're delighted to introduce 4 new, all natural scents! Crafted without synthetic scents or ingredients and never tested on animals, they not only smell enchanting but also come in a portable, take anywhere bottle. You will be spritzing yourself everywhere you go! 

Each perfume boasts its own unique scent, perfect for setting the mood for various occasions. Unsure which fragrance suits a casual outing versus a romantic dinner date?  Here are our recommendations for the perfect occasions to wear each scent.

No 1 Heliotrope + Sage: Wearing it always makes us feel cheerful and fun. It's a great choice for soaking up some sun at the beach, enjoying rides and treats at a summer carnival or getting groovy at an outdoor concert.

No 2 Vanilla Amber: Rich, warm and passionate scent. Wearing it exudes chicness and confidence, elevating any outfit or occasion. Whether you're dining at a stylish restaurant, attending a glamorous event like a wedding or awards gala, or simply enjoying a lively night out with friends, it's the perfect choice.

No 3 Lavender Bergamot: Embodies tranquility and serenity, offering a calming and uplifting experience. Adds a touch of elegance to social gatherings and intimate gatherings. Whether hosting a cozy dinner party with loved ones or enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea with friends or shopping for fresh produce at a farmer’s market. 

No 4 Yuzu Mint: Fresh and Lively. You'll feel refreshed and energized, making it perfect for active pursuits like hiking, biking, or practicing yoga in the great outdoors. Its crisp, citrusy notes uplift the spirit, making it a wonderful choice for a morning workout or a brisk jog in the park.

However you decide to wear your Body Mist, we hope it makes you feel beautiful and confident and reminds you of many joyful and special memories to come!