How To Get A Long Clean Burn With Natura Soy Candles

Please read before your first time lighting up!

These simple tips can give you up to 40% more relaxing and cozy burn time, and help you avoid common issues like tunneling, or wicks burning out early.

If you are having issues with wood wick candles burning out, we have a specific article on those here.

[Image: The Tumbler Jar in our most classic scent - 65+ hours burn time]

Well made soy candles will give you an exceptionally clean and long-lasting burn, but just a little extra care will help extend the life of your candle even more - giving you hours of extra relaxation & enjoyment.

Here a few best practices for getting long and healthy burning-life from your jar candles.

Tip #1) The first burn is the most important - how to do it right

Here is the GOLDEN SECRET to better candle use which we can't emphasize enough:

Give your jar candle enough burning time to develop a melted wax pool that goes all the way to the edge of the container on the first use (this can take up to a few hours, depending on candle size).

Believe it or not, your jar candles have a kind of “wax-memory,” and once a burning pattern has been established, it can be hard to change.

[Image: You can see the wax pool on this Man Candle has not yet reached the edge of the jar]

If you don’t allow your candle enough time to form a full melt pool on the first burn, a little depression or “tunnel” may start to form around the wick.

Eventually the tunnel will become too deep for fresh oxygen to flow in, and your candle will have trouble staying lit for more than short periods of time - yikes!

[Image: Huzzah! Look at that nice full pool of melted wax. Now this is a healthy candle!]

After the first use, you don’t have to let a full wax pool form every single time, but it is ideal if you want to get the most life out of your candle.

Just make sure give your jar candles a nice long burn every so often to “reset” the wax memory and prevent any tunneling.

This will keep your candle looking great, smelling great, burning evenly, and all the other great things you want!

[Image: This Tumbler Jar has been burned before, and is about halfway to a full melt pool ]

Tip #2) Give your candle a rest every few hours & don't forget to trim the wick!

Image: Wick trimming keeps things burning beautifully! Featuring our luxurious Massage Candle

Let your candle take a break after no longer than 4 hours of burn time (a 2 to 4 hour burn is optimal) - and keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4” before each use.

If you burn longer than 4 hours the flame can start putting off some soot or dirty smoke, usually because the wick is getting too long.

Keeping your wick the correct length will not only give you a beautifully clean burn, but will help your candle last much longer as well.

We have specialty wick trimmers available for this purpose, and these are a great investment if you're burning candles regularly.

Image: Our bestselling candle - the Marketplace Jar

There you have it... Yes these tips are simple - but you'll be surprised how much longer your candles last when you show them a bit of care!

Until next time,

- The Natura Soy Family

These are handmade artisan candles, and occasionally some just don't turn out right for a number of reasons... if you're still having issues after following these tips, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out!

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